Monday, February 11, 2008


Session One

Come on in!!

I have thought about starting this blog for quite awhile. Today is the day to do it. It is my pleasure to have you here. Hope is that you will share it with your Rockabilly friends.

This will be a series of sessions that will be totally from my point of view. But, I would like to hear yours as well. And I am well aware that there are plenty of views to go around about the topic of this blog; ROCKABILLY. Actually, that's TWO words.

There has been a lot of discussion about the ROCK...but not so much about the BILLY. I first saw the term in a Cash Box Magazine record review around 1956. Back then the term described most of us 'ole country boys (Hillbillies) whose music was, for the most part, R&B songs with rockin arrangements by a three or four piece band...lead guitar... slap bass...a vocalist playing accoustic guitar...and eventually a drummer added. A lot of that was controlled by economics. The fewer the players, the easier it was to split the $30 or $40.

That's it for the opening I will see you later. Until then (probably a week) please check out my WebSite. And...
Keep On Rockin

Mac Curtis

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