Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Session Three

Mac Curtis Glen Glenn Ray Campi

It is always great to get work!

I’m late with this blog because I’ve been busy putting the final touches on a short tour to Los Angeles. My pal Phil Friendly has done all the heavy lifting to get it arranged. He and his group The Phil Friendly Trio will provide backing:

May 15th (with Mac Curtis) - Doll Hut, Anaheim, CA


May 16th (with Mac Curtis) - Spike's, Rosemead, CA


http:May 17th (with Glen Glenn & Mac Curtis) - Safari Sam's, Hollywood, CA


It will be my first time to play L.A. for a while. I lived there during most of the 1970’s.
We are happy to be able to sooth your hangover from hanging out at VLV in April.

I’m looking forward to working with Phil Friendly again. He has moved to L.A since we recorded my latest DVD.(actually it is the only one ever!). We filmed it in the Amsterdam, Holland area in October 2006. The folks at the Cruise Inn there were really cool and treated us like a part of the family. It’s titled: Mac Curtis Live at Cruise Inn. With special guests Phil Friendly and his Loners (excellent musicians and super fun to be around).

The American NTSC version of the project is available on line at:

And, we’ll have it at the L.A. and future appearances.

Ole Buddy Glen Glenn will join us as Co-Star at the Safari Sam’s show. We spent a lot of time talking over old times while at the Green Bay 50’s festival last year. Glen and I first met in 1959 in Korea. We were both in the U.S. Army then. I was with a G.I. Country
Band competing in a All-Army talent contest. Glen and Gary Lambert showed up in another category representing Hawaii.

Out side of the contest, my band and I were playing at a little club in Seoul. Glen and Gary sat in where I think we must have jammed all night long. It was a fun happening that neither of us has, or will, ever forget.

I wouldn’t be surprised if this gig turns out to be an All-nighter as well!

I hope you will be a witness.

Keep on Rockin’

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Keep bloggin and keep on rockin. We love you, Mac!