Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Session Eleven

This is a flash forward to now. Because I just returned from a short tour in the Los Angeles area, And I wanted to tell you about it.

There are three givens when it comes to touring:

Number One, the prep time involved just to get on the transport and go.

Number Two, the clean-up time required at home when you return.

Number Three, Always remember that if anything can happen…it WILL.
So don’t panic, just deal with it.

If you are lucky (as I was this time out) no difficulties arose. It turned out to be a quite memorable trip.

My friend, Phil Friendly, organized the dates. And, of course, provided the backing band for me and Glen Glenn who joined us on the Saturday night date. Phil and his new bride Camille took me in and walked me through the entire few days.

The first of the three gigs May 15 was the DOLLHUT in Anaheim, California. It was originally a truck stop many years ago. It is small in space, but take my word for this, there was no small welcome from some wonderful rockabilly fans. I have played a bunch of similar pubs in England. They are great rooms to play. You are right down among the audience…eye to eye so to speak. It is the ultimate setting for communication between the audience and the performer. Life is Good!

May 16 took us to East L.A. for a great night at SPIKES’ BAR in Rosemead. Larger club…larger crowd. Brando turned ‘em loose on us there. Not only did the show come off well, there were some exciting and humbling revelations for me.

A couple of Latino guys cornered me after the show for an autograph. As I gladly signed their programs, they began to inform me about how American 50s music and Rockabilly in particular was an art form that was “their Music”. But they went farther to tell me that it was Rockabilly that had been, and is, the music that was of great comfort during hard times to them and many of their friends as they were taking residence in the States.

I learned many years ago that music is a common language with people all around the world. It has served me well in my global travels to perform. I am proud to learn I am a favorite of the Latino community in California and hope to be back there soon. Maybe I have some that I’ve never heard from here in Texas!! And who knows where else.

Those thoughts followed me to our anchor gig on May 17 at SAFARI SAMS in Hollywood. It is truly a fine showplace. My ole pal Glen Glenn came along to join us for this one. We had a superb crowd who seemed to hang on every word and every note. It dotted the i’s and crossed the t’s for me. Several Latino ladies echoed the same feelings about us ole originals and Rockabilly music as mi amigos did the previous two nights. Our thanks to Jeff, the straw boss…to the owner Sam for the use of the hall…to all the staff…and, to a loyal and wonderful audience.

It was an honor and a rush to join some outstanding talent for a one-of-a-kind series of shows in La La Land! See ya soon.

Keep on Rockin

Mac Curtis

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